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If you have been in a car accident or had an injury while on the ball field, you can count on Freeland Chiropractic Center. You'll enjoy affordable prices and we can even work with all major insurance plans on your chiropractic treatment.

Enjoy over 25 years of experience in chiropractic treatment methods.

• Leg injuries

• Whiplash

• Ligaments

• Muscles

• Back injuries

• Discs

• Joints

Common auto injuries involve:

• Running ailments

• Soccer injuries

• Cheerleading injuries

• Football injuries

• Swimming pains

• Basketball injuries

• Wrestling injuries

Sports injuries include:

When you avoid getting help and treatment for your auto or sports injuries, you can end up suffering from injuries that are more severe. Protect yourself from years of pain with the help of our knowledgeable and trained staff.

Don't put off dealing with your injuries

Auto and sports injury specialists